Automation - It all begins with a simple touch...

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to control your lights, music, security system, even temperature – from across the room? Or how about from across the globe?

Imagine all your music, movies, sports and TV at your command via a sleek remote, tablet or convenient touch pad in any room. Imagine your security, climate, lighting and more all under your control from any location with your favorite mobile device. The ELAN Entertainment and Control System brings this power to you.

Personalized to fit your lifestyle, ELAN solutions range from simple media room control to whole-home entertainment and automation, even remote monitoring of vacation homes. And with its uniform look and feel, no matter which ELAN interface you touch, it will always feel like home.


Think of the things you do to get ready in the morning: turn on the lights, check the weather and traffic reports, maybe even turn on the morning news. ELAN delivers your world at a glance with a personalized dashboard for your home. Customize your screen with the things you use most such as lighting, audio, security systems, even weather forecasts. With ELAN it’s all about you.


What if your entertainment systems worked the same in every room and did not require a table full of remotes? Whether you prefer your tablet or the unmatched convenience of the ELAN handheld remote, access to your entertainment is simple and easy.’s a whole new entertainment experience.


Does your current security system ramp up the lights when the alarm sounds? Does it flash the exterior lights to alert the neighbors? ELAN adds this intelligence to better protect your investment and your family. Plus, it allows you to remotely arm or disarm the system and can send email alerts to your smart phone.


Studies have shown that lowering a thermostat just three degrees can save up to 10% on your energy bill. With ELAN not only can you automate these adjustments, but you also gain access to detailed history views that allow you to monitor the system and make informed decisions about consumption. And if you own a vacation home, you’ll love the remote access that gives you control while away.

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